Long Distance Moving Near Me and What it Entails

Whether you are moving from state-to-state or long distance across the country, we can help you get your belongings to your new home. You already have to worry about finding a new home, a new job, and a fresh start when you move. We at Perfectly Packed want to make sure that moving for you and your family is simple.

Your belongings will travel in safety thanks to our dependable staff and trucks. We strive to provide the best packaging and moving experience possible, therefore we will do our best to pad and protect items that may shift or move while we travel.

If you have any questions or concerns before, after, or during the procedure, we are always available via phone for quality assurance. If something unexpected happens, our team of moving specialist will stay in touch with you and always keep you updated. We respect your time, and work to work hard to move your belongings as quickly and as as quickly as safely as we can.

First Things First

Forward your mail out to the new address as soon as you can! Do this first, regardless of distance or location. Fill out a change of address form at your local post office or DMV. 

Update any documents with identity, including plates and a driver’s license. To avoid paying a fine or receiving a ticket, you have 30 days to update your information. Even though this is inconvenient, it is necessary.

To avoid having dinner in the dark, transfer your utilities and turn on the lights and water before you arrive to your new home!

Plan for a Delivery Window

Most long-distance moves will have a date range rather than a guaranteed day of arrival. The time period will not exceed more than a week. Prior to your goods’ actual arrival at your new house, you’ll receive a reasonable heads-up of at least 48 hours. The price will be less the more flexible you are with your arrival.

Non-Binding Agreement for Long Distance Moving

If you are making a full service move, it is crucial to understand binding vs. non-bind estimations. Binding estimates state that regardless of the precise weight of your belongings, you must pay the total amount stated in the estimate. A non-binding estimate means that, depending on the weight, a different total may come up.

A non-binding estimate will charge you based on the exact weight of your possessions as well as the real cost of the shipping and any additional services. To clearly understand the exact cost of the move, an estimate is provided as the first step. Before and after the shipment is loaded, the trailer is weighed to ensure that the weight is accurately recorded.

The weight of the cargo and the distance traveled are the only factors that affect the cost of transportation. All additional fees will also be computed using the original address. Quality assurance will inform you of any additional fees that may apply if they arise during the delivery procedure. This is a rare occurrence, however, there is a chance of this happening. Charges are made for labor overage, packing, crating, valuation, or coverage, as well as oversized items.

Order for Service

Before transporting your things, movers must get an order for service. This is simply a written acknowledgement of the service provided. This displays the mutually agreed-upon dates, the pick-up and delivery of the shipment, as well as contact information and references.

The non-binding agreement will reflect the order of service document. This will include the breakdown of the bill, and the minimum amount that will be payable at that time. Following delivery, you have 30 days to make the payment for the move.

Moving Company For Long Distance

Perfectly Packed is the moving company to help you with a stress-free move. Making your move as easy as we can is our focus. Perfectly Packed Movers offer reliable and safe transportation for your belongings for all your interstate, long distance, and cross country moving needs. 

When moving beyond state boundaries, long distance moves are governed by federal law. We have an insurance policy to help protect the goods being transported and the clients. It’s important to get recommendations from your friends, family, workplace, and neighbors before making any decisions. Check with the Better Business Bureau to learn more about each of the movers you decide on. The best indicator of a good mover is outstanding service!